A Smear of Fish

Lots of people have been asking me about how I’m getting ready for my ride across the country.

I’ll get into that someday soon. There are lots of things to talk about. But right now I’m thinking about food. Proper nutrition is big on my mind as I think about getting as fit as I can for this journey.

I like to eat healthy food. Now, what does that mean?

I’ll stress that I like to eat healthy food. That doesn’t mean I always do. But sometimes I put my mind to it and I’m totally dialed in and I eat what I consider to be amazingly healthy food. Continue reading


The Quest to Keep My Bike Mine

Meet my new bike.

my new surly

He’s looking very pretty. He doesn’t get to stay that way.

This is the bike that I was able to purchase thanks to the incredible kindness and generosity of my CrossFit crowd. This bike is so much more to me than just a bike. If anything happens to this bike, I will go ballistic. Seriously, someone will need to lock me up so I don’t harm myself or others.

So here’s my checklist on making a bike unstealable (or at least too undesirable or annoying to steal) and recoverable: Continue reading