About Barbells Bikes and Bones



Barbells Bikes and Bones was a cross country awareness ride for bone marrow donation. I rode my bike from my home, the San Francisco Bay Area, to Charleston, South Carolina, and then finally to Atlanta, Georgia. I concluded at the Winship Cancer Institute at Emory University, but then continued riding for myself afterwards. Thankfully, I had the support from two different organizations to make this a little less overwhelming!

When I contacted Be the Match and told them that I would like to help grow their registry of bone marrow donors, they immediately started helping me plan. As I cycled, they helped me map my route so that I could visit as many donor drives and publicity events as possible. Since it’s incredibly easy to meet lots of amazing people when you’re traveling on a bike, I encouraged as many of them as I could to join me in attending events for Be the Match.

As a dedicated CrossFitter with Prometheus CrossFit, I know that the CrossFit community is made up of kind, caring people whose enthusiasm is infectious. In addition to making new friends I encountered on the road, I also visited as many CrossFit affiliates as I could. It was great to vary my daily cycling exercise with some CrossFit WODs.

Though I traveled by myself for the most part, I had many cyclists join me for different parts of the journey!

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