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Would you like to get involved with Barbells Bikes and Bones?  Well, it’s all wrapped up now, but the mission lives on!

CrossFitters, show us your swab face!

CrossFitters, show us your swab face!

Register as a bone marrow donor

If you are ages 18-44, in good health, and willing to donate to anyone in need, you can register as a bone marrow donor. 70% of patients with a blood cancer do not find a bone marrow match in their family, so they rely on the Be the Match registry to find a donor. To register, you will need to fill out a form and submit a cheek swab. You could of course just visit Be the Match’s website and do this quietly by yourself, but it would be more fun to go to This way we’ll be able to track how many people are hearing about joining the registry through our efforts! Please send this URL to anyone who may be willing to be someone’s cure for blood cancer. Honestly, this is what got me so excited about working with Be the Match: each and every one of us offers something unique that may help save lives.

If you really want to go all out on registering, host your own registration drive! If you’re on my route, let me know and we’ll set one up together! CrossFit gyms, I’m looking at you!

You know, sometimes I get depressed at the problems in the world and how helpless I feel. And you get these tips on how to make the world a better place, like don’t waste water and use canvas bags. Tim Minchin sang a song about that.

Seems to me like Tim Minchin and I, while dedicated canvas bag users, just think that we shouldn’t be satisfied with this. We are capable of much more! Like Be the Match says, “The cure for blood cancers like leukemia is in the hands of ordinary people.”


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