In Appreciation

Thank you thank you thank you to the following for supporting Barbells Bikes and Bones!

Screenshot 2015-04-16 at 10.31.13 PMArthur Rodriguez, aka Bike Teacher, has been kindly providing me with extensive bike maintenance classes. Everything from patching a tube to adjusting my brakes to fine-tuning my rear derailleur, I’ve been learning from Arthur. I mean, sure, apps like Kerbi will likely soon be plentiful, so I could probably hail a bicycle repair person should I find myself in trouble – and I really can’t make fun of that better than BikeSnobNYC did – but I still think it’s best if I can get out of trouble myself. Besides, Monty Python would make fun of me if I sat around crying for Bicycle Repairman.

Neal has been kind enough to design my logo for me and to generally put up with my cluelessness in all matters for which you might have a logo. I’d probably email him three times a day for advice if that was an acceptable thing to do to someone who’s doing you a huge favor.

finalThe Andy Talley Bone Marrow Foundation has also been helpful as a silver sponsor. They are a great organization, spreading awareness about the importance of the Be the Match Registry® via college campuses across America. Check out their page by clicking on the picture above!

Contributors to my Crowdrise page make it possible for me to eat, keep my bike in good condition, and occasionally sleep in a real bed while on the road. Thank you thank you thank you so much to the following kind souls:

  • The Andy Talley Bone Marrow Foundation, an incredible non-profit that has resulted in almost 200 transplants since 2008!
  • Brian Emmett, the Treebeard of Prometheus CrossFit.
  • Marni Zampa, someone with whom I still haven’t had a Bloody Mary. Bah.
  • Lynda Rolph, to this day the most incredible campfire leader I’ve ever seen.
  • Cuz Sue, the fabulous Cuz Sue. What more is there to say?
  • Ichiro Matsumura, somehow always filled with profound insight.
  • Cameron Oates, filled with surprisingly infectious energy at 5:30 am.
  • Lori, Troy, Logan, and Thomas, still putting up with me.
  • Tonia, Michael, and Savanna, with soul-lifting optimism.
  • Cindy Lee, way more excited about handstand push-ups than anyone I know.
  • Rob Hsu, dark horse.
  • Nadya Dutchin, who always makes me feel like we can change the world.
  • Lisa Newman, whose support must mean I would earn a place in Lisa’s World!
  • Rhona Mahony, an inspiration for all people fighting for social justice.
  • Dr. Edmund Waller, director of the Bone Marrow and Stem Cell Transplant Program at the Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University. I know, right?
  • Susan Lato and Erik Hilsdale, because they help me with everything I do all the time.
  • Adrian Lim, My unhappiness / Flies in the paper airplane / Bye, Pullup Kiwi.
  • Cindy Giver and Eric Gilbert, along with A&C, hopefully patiently waiting for me to arrive in Atlanta!
  • Linda, Bob, and Ryan Russell, who never let my glass get empty when at their home.
  • Mindy and Ted Gilbert, the word gets around the family tree!
  • Munoz family, and the word continues to spread around the family tree!

Contributors to my By the Mile for Be the Match page, helping me to reach my goal of raising $25,000 for Be the Match!

  • Max McGregor
  • JBoogz
  • Gene – in memory of Lisa
  • Nde sy (My mom? Well, someone who speaks Guarani. I have my suspects.)
  • Alex Lin
  • Emily Wang
  • Lori Giver
  • Yumi Minn
  • Victor Brilon
  • Cindy Lee
  • Rob Hsu
  • Jeffrey Fong
  • Rhona Mahony
  • Jon Dinneen
  • Eddy Wu
  • Liz Blaber

Sneaky people who schemed together to secretly buy me a new bike when my first one got stolen:

  • Hai-Yue Han
  • Kat Han
  • Cortney Meyer
  • Hyungbin Kim
  • Rose Casey
  • Ben Priestley
  • Susanna Wen
  • Marni Zampa
  • Brian Emmett
  • Victor Brilon
  • Lindsey Berger-Garland
  • Yumi Minn
  • Shamma Kanaparthi
  • Gautam Kanaparthi
  • Steph Go
  • Brooks Posegate
  • Jim Lalonde
  • Avery Bustamante
  • Adrian Lim
  • David Alonzo
  • Emily Alonzo
  • Mark Smitt
  • Noelle Beegle
  • Michael Tirabassi
  • Jonathan Chen
  • Seo Salimi
  • Cindy Lee
  • Rob Hsu
  • Liz Blaber
  • Archie de Torres
  • Ernie Santamaria
  • Lauren Hochleutner
  • Molby Wong
  • Alex Lin
  • Josh Lesko
  • Logan Obrero
  • Thomas Obrero
  • Lisa Newman
  • Caroline Tsay

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