Hello Kitty Is My Watchdog

As mentioned before, there are certain things one can do to hopefully reduce the chances that one’s bike is stolen.

Bike locks. Bike registration. GPS tracking devices. Making the bike ugly and/or girly.

So nice to have a gorgeous winery three miles out your front door.

So nice to have a gorgeous winery three miles out your front door.

This weekend I focused on making my bike (whose name is Lutz, by the way, in honor of my grandmother) ugly and/or girly. I invited everyone to Picchetti Winery in Cupertino to join me for wine tasting and a picnic in the beautiful forested hills, where I frequently go for training rides. It was raining, but that doesn’t matter when you’re indoors drinking wine, and the lush redwoods provided enough shelter to keep the picnic tables near bone dry. Continue reading

The Quest to Keep My Bike Mine

Meet my new bike.

my new surly

He’s looking very pretty. He doesn’t get to stay that way.

This is the bike that I was able to purchase thanks to the incredible kindness and generosity of my CrossFit crowd. This bike is so much more to me than just a bike. If anything happens to this bike, I will go ballistic. Seriously, someone will need to lock me up so I don’t harm myself or others.

So here’s my checklist on making a bike unstealable (or at least too undesirable or annoying to steal) and recoverable: Continue reading