Coastal Trip Day 2: Santa Cruz to Seaside

It's Day 2 and we're reunited with Sue!

It’s Day 2 and we’re reunited with Sue!

Having successfully ridden our bikes to Santa Cruz on Saturday, on Sunday we were meeting up with Sue and Erik. Cortney and I staggered out of bed a little later than planned and had more trouble than you would think two well-educated adults would have in finding our inn’s breakfast room. Anyway, we settled down to the typical fare inns and motels offer, and though we thought we were quick with our coffee and hard boiled eggs, we promptly made ourselves late for our planned meet-up time with Sue and Erik.

I spent about a year living in Santa Cruz when I was getting my masters in education, so I vaguely knew how to get to Harbor Cafe. But I didn’t remember the roads well enough to recall the train tracks that go by the Boardwalk. As I tried to read the multitude of signs that wanted to tell me where bikes are and aren’t allowed, I locked my tires right into those tracks and went tumbling. Before I knew what happened, I was picking myself up off the ground and listening to a bystander’s comment, “It’s all part of the experience.” Indeed. Continue reading


Coastal Trip Day 1: Cupertino to Santa Cruz

pretzel buns

Pretzel buns are what happen when rolling and twisting dough into the classic pretzel shape is just not your thing.

Pretzel buns are undeniably delicious, but that wasn’t the only reason why I was making them. It was September 5, 2014, and I’ll admit it. Maybe I was a little nervous the day before Cortney and I were leaving for a week long bike ride down the California coast. Starting in Cupertino, we weren’t going to turn back around until we hit Santa Barbara. Farther, actually, we were going to go all the way to Carpinteria. Lodging is cheaper there.

That’s a total of about 350 miles. We were aiming to hit about 50 miles a day. And I kept telling myself that that’s fine, that’s nothing! We regularly went out on 50 mile bike rides. But we had never strung two 50 mile bike rides back to back before. “It’s fine,” I told myself, “you’ll have all day to bike 50 miles. Usually you’re in a rush to get it done in a reasonable amount of time and squeeze in other things you gotta do. You don’t have to do anything but ride all day long. It’s fine.” But there I was, baking pretzel buns. Let the carb loading begin! Continue reading