So it’s been four years

The day before Thanksgiving 2015 I concluded my bike ride. That’s a little over four years ago. After I typed up my post summarizing the last leg of my trip I didn’t know what to do with this blog. Besides the obvious, which was to just walk away from it and let it skulk on the Internet, visited occasionally by myself, nostalgic family and friends, and the accidental wanderer who tumbleweeds over thanks to a nudge from Google’s algorithm.


Thanksgiving 2019. Thanksgiving marks another year since the conclusion of my bike ride. It’s kind of bittersweet for me and makes me reflect and get all broody.

My father turned 80 last March, which inspired some celebration and reflection. My mother asked me to consider giving him a gift of my blog in book form. Sure, he could visit my blog anytime, but there’s something about having an actual book to thumb through, so my mom tried to make the case that my father secretly wanted a physical copy. I remained unconvinced that my dad desired a book of my blog.

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